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Bizzy Buddies - Lauri Day
Bizzy Buddies

Peter Cottontail (aka "The Easter Bunny") is having issues - he's depressed and insecure. He's convinced the children don't love Easter anymore. He's worried that all the other holidays are more popular. In order to compete with the glamour and popularity of Santa Claus, Peter Cottontail decides to become "A Celebrity" (with limos, bodyguards, gold chains and groupies) and ends up spending all his time "hippity-hop" dancing and getting chased by chicks! He thinks he's having fun, but no Easter eggs are getting decorated and Easter is only a few weeks away. Then one day it happens… he gets hurt while hippity-hop dancing with the chicks!

The children are so worried about the Easter Bunny they mail him TONS of letters and cards. Peter Cottontail finally realizes that the children do love him and Easter! He also learns to value the satisfaction of a job well-done. He also learns that being "A Celebrity" really isn't the most important goal in life either!